She’s a woman in transition… An empty-nester, or a widower. Changing jobs or leaving a career path. No longer in a relationship or getting divorced. Or… She has the house, the kids, the partner, and/or the career, and yet…something is missing. Or… She is at a time in her life when nothing makes sense, she’s lost the thread of who she is, and knows that the time is now to live the life she’s always imagined for herself. A WOMAN ON THE VERGE is looking for something deeper, wider, and more meaningful in the next phase of her life.

A WOMAN ON THE VERGE is ready to…

  • move past the fog of confusion about what she really wants, and take action from the depths of her being
  • end the engrained habit of harmful self-sacrifice, and put herself in the driver’s seat of her life
  • dismantle self-doubt & perfectionism, and get moving toward her exciting personal & professional goals
  • shed the “good girl” act that keeps her jumping through endless hoops for others and express her true self
  • release her personal and cultural baggage to claim a powerful, authentic and self-caring future
  • not only go for her dreams but be valued, recognized and paid for them
  • use her gifts in the world to create the future she envisions for ALL life


WOMEN ON THE VERGE is a year-long coaching program that supports women who are ready to make deep, long lasting changes within and without so that they can finally be valued, paid and recognized. Working with me, women go through an in-depth process to end the habit of giving up their dreams for others’ comfort zones, release sabotaging self-talk, and finally live into a self-loving future. I create bold, soulful, and safe spaces for life-changing experiences for women to discover who they are, re-negotiate their roles/relationships, create habits of self-care, and move into the world centered, fired-up and with vision. I’ve been talking to women about what they want to change, and I’ve heard things like,
  • “I feel responsible for everyone else but me.”
  • “There are too many “shoulds” in my head, I have no idea what I really want.”
  • “I have big dreams but never seem to get traction.”
  • “I do not feel like I’m living my best life.”
  • “If I don’t keep an eye on the ball, who will?”
  • “Most days I’m just going through the motions.”
  • “I don’t know who I am anymore.”
  • “I feel like there’s no space for me.”
  • “It just seems like I’m tolerating things I don’t want any more.”
Life is short. Not only is it time for women to get out of their own way to step into what they truly want and who they want to be, but the world needs women more than ever to step up and claim their authentic power. I am in search of women who want something deeper, wider and more meaningful and are ready to go for it. I am looking to work with women who are ready to commit the time and resources it takes to make true and lasting transformation in their lives.When you commit to big things, big things happen. When you commit to big things, big things happen.

I have walked this path, and now I am ready to help you walk yours.

Between my own self-actualization (curious about my life’s journey? My memoir is “A Carlin Home Companion”), my 20+ years as a Buddhist practitioner, Masters in Jungian Psychology, and coaching certification, I am putting everything I know, have done and studied into this program. I am thrilled to be helping women step into their full power in a time in our culture when the door has cracked open. Every day I ask myself, “Who do you want to be, as a woman, in the 21st century? What mark are you here to leave during this most opportune time to change the world?” I want to help you gain the self-knowledge, power, insight and confidence to answer that question and go for it.

What do those who have worked with Kelly have to say?

“Kelly Carlin is one of the most inspiring, encouraging, engaging coaches I have ever met. Her joy, strength, humor, wisdom and capacity to hold you in your highest are the gifts she gives to the world. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Kelly will realize they are headed down a rich road of success and fulfillment.”  -Coby Kozlowski “Kelly is a person who inspires me to step out, reach farther, go the distance.” –Laurie Kraus “Kelly makes it safe to be and say one’s thoughts, so that they can be examined and learned from. Her work helped me to unleash creative energy that had long been stuffed down, and made it safe and right for me to pursue my creative passions and OWN it as who I am. After working with Kelly it has been impossible for me to deny or minimize my creativity.” – Ellen November Want to know what more about the Women on the Verge program?  Are you ready? If so, let’s have a conversation so I can find out about what’s not working for you now, what you really want instead, and how to get you there.
Don’t think you’re ready for this big of a leap, but want something?